Anti-degradation test

Zhanjiang Boardway insists on the principle of “quality first”. Products will not be produced or sold before their passing strict testing. One of the most important tests for Boardway’s outdoor products is the degradation test.
Degradation test is mainly for the plastic products, rubber or chemical fiber items, coatings, adhesives, architectural materials, etc.., also including electronic accessory parts and plasticizing products. The degradation test includes High/low Temperature Resistance test, Solar Radiation test, Corrosion Resistance test, etc. Testing methods involves Xenon arc accelerate test, UV accelerate test, Neutral/acid salt spray test, Sulfur dioxide test, etc.
Testing methods are varied according to the products’ property:
For non-metallic materials, coatings, plastics, or textile, it will apply the Helium, argon accelerate test, UV accelerate test, Acid salt spray test, or Sulfur dioxide test
For rubber and plastic items, it will be High-temperature resistance test, Freeze-thaw Test, Constant temperature and humidity test.
For lacquer film, adhesives or architectural coatings, it will apply Chemical resistance test, fouling test, launderability test and water-proof test.
For other polymers, textiles or plastic items, it can apply antifungal and antibacterial performance test.
The test lab Boardway cooperated with is Intertek, which is the first inspection institution entering the Chinese market. They brought in the advanced technique and equipment for property testing of the polymers, such as the Material composition analysis test, weathering test, physical property test, environmental chemistry test, etc.
From Sep 25 to Oct 27, 2017, through Intertek, Boardway did UV accelerate test and ∆E grey scale test on the new product - V profile. The testing standard is BS EN ISO 4892.3:2016《Plastics-Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources-Part 3: Fluorescent UV lamps》. The test is to determine whether the product can meet the requirement of long-term use in outdoor use – to determine its anti-degradation property and the color difference after testing.
The test sample was put into degradation testing box for 250 hours. After that △E* testing result is 1.03, grey scale is 4-5; (photo 1 – the testing method after 250hours)

Then, put the sample into the testing box again, for another 250 hour testing. △E* testing result is 1.58, grey scale is 4. (photo 2 – the testing result after 500 hours.

Final testing result of Boardway’s product: comply to customer’s quality requirement – can be long-term used without deformation or color fading



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