Chinese Festive Customs

Chinese New Year’s Eve is the most important festival in China.
People get around together; the family members working elsewhere come back for this gathering. They busily clean the house all around, offer sacrifices and New Year Cake and pray to the ancestors. And they post the goalkeeper sticker, Spring Festival couplers and painting and hang the lanterns for the meaning of driving away the bad lucks of old days and gaining blessings from New Year.

This may be the festival children love the best. They can play fireworks and have pocket money from the elders. The pockets are made by red paper or weaved by colored ropes, and will be placed at the feet of the bed. In the tradition, pocket money is considered to keep the kids safe all year.

The families have festival dinner together at night with the food they consider the best, such as dumplings in the north, and chickens, roasted pork and seafood in the south.
Finally they play games or watch TV shows until the moment of the New Year comes, which the moment is for celebration and fireworks
The New Year’s Eve of 2018 is Feb 15. Now everyone is striving hard in the rest days of the Rooster Year and looking forward to the New Year’s come. Let’s pray together for the prosperous of the Dog Year!



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