Intellectual Property for Boardway

Intellectual Property Rights are the rights granted to the creator of the artistic works. Boardway attaches great importance to the Intellectual Property, not only to the rights of themselves, but also to that of the cooperative partners. We will never infringe the property rights of any of our partners.
Chinese companies are taking more seriously with the intellectual property, along with promulgation of the Outline of China Judicial Protection of Intellectual Property. Now more and more high-quality products are tending towards the world.
Intellectual Property as for an enterprise, involves trademark, product patent, utility patent, design patent etc. Trademark is a symbol of a company, also a manifestation of the corporate culture. Registration of the trademark is a safeguard of the company’s ownership of trademark, protecting company’s image and reputation for long time. Product patent defends the exclusive rights of the creator on the artistic works in certain period.
Boardway founded in 2014, already has the registration of its trademark and logo. The Fence slat system under our own design is under application of the national patent. When the application is verified, we will launch those products into market, orienting the farms, fence builers, designers, wholesalers, dealers, house owners etc.
While cornering the intellectual property, Boardway is strictly controlling quality, taking responsibility for customer and their own products to build up great prosperities.
Until now, we have signed confidential agreement with 5 companies, co-developing patent works, sharing interest of global selling. If you are searching for plastic board or plastic items, Boardway will be your most dependable partner for your best interest.



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